Launching TV's next evolution

Employee engagement campaign launching a revolutionary TV experience for Sky customers.

Sky Group
Graphic Design, Experiential, Print, Digital
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About this project

Sky, a subsidiary of Comcast, is the UK's most popular satellite TV choice and a leading broadband and telecommunications provider. Sky set out to revolutionize the UK TV market with a new product unlike anything seen before. One that gave customers a simple, more entertaining, and more human experience.

Sky Glass would be a first-of-its-kind TV that could stream satellite programming exclusively via wi-fi, with no need for a satellite dish and box. However, a move into producing electronic hardware would be a first.

For a launch that would be shrouded in secrecy, we partnered with Sky and their agencies to extend the 'magic that was coming' to surprise and delight its 30k+ strong workforce.

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Above: Quick thumbnail sketches produced during a brainstorming session.
Above: Mock-up designs for employee activation experience. An immersive wall-to-wall digital cube visitors could interact with and experience the 'Pixel perfect resolution'.

Design challenge

A campaign of such scale involves cross-collaboration with internal teams and partner agencies to manage every aspect of the launch. Consequently, this results in many creative revisions and strategy realignments to maintain a single joined-up vision. So as Sky finessed the product and brand with its agencies, we'd use each development to guide the launch experiences and refine creative applications.

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Above: User personas derived from employee interviews and onsite observations.
Above: Userflow diagram for Rolls-Royce web app.
Top: The original @work Intranet interface design.
Above: Design charette from user workshop illustrating desired product feature.
Above: Brand creative reconfigured for large-format installation at Sky's Osterley HQ.

Creative role

Working alongside the creative director, one of our main objectives was to explore experiential ideas for visitors to engage with on launch day. These experiences needed to be accessible to all, generate shareability, and amplify the Sky Glass' marquee features - Dolby Atomos® sound, Pixel perfect resolution, and carbon neutral efficiency.

Another task I'd need to tackle would be applying the brand creative to Sky's environment across its campus HQ at Osterley, London. I'd also need to consider how we could replicate this across digital estates to extend our reach to Sky's many satellite offices and remote workers.

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Above: Framework diagram for content page templates.
Above: Examples of desktop and mobile wireframes produced during development.
Above: (Top) User flow developed to maintain consistency framework across each game. (Bottom) Our in-house Sky Sports design system
Above: User flow diagram detailing the content requirements for the overall application. Below: Task flow based on an activity requirement for a user persona.
Above: Examples of early creative routes pitched to the client.
Above: Sky HQ entranceway dressed and experiential pop-ups installed, ready for launch day.

Design outcomes

The campaign launch at Sky's Osterley HQ would take place simultaneously with its national press launch across London. Employees knew few details about the product or brand, so we leveraged that to build anticipation and intrigue. In the build-up to launch, we installed giant screen doors on the central mezzanine concealing the exhibit and its hidden secrets. Messaging was deliberately vague giving little away. Branded teaser graphics also appeared across digital properties and graphic installs, again offering few clues, just that "something magical is coming", alongside other notable moments of innovation.

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Above: Prior to launch large crowds gathered in front of our countdown timer (left), teaser graphic on reception tower digital screens (right).
Top: Wireframes using the page framework to test its flexibility for multiple use cases.
Bottom: Comparison between the existing project page template and the new design using our page framework.
Above: (Top) Game screens for Formula 1® interface. (Bottom) Track illustrations for each European Grand Prix.
Above: Early set of creative ideas using messaging discovered during my research.
Above: The services page served as the homepage. Users could browse service options and sort by engine types, before selecting to learn more.

On launch day, employees gathered in front of the screens; as the counted down expired, we broadcast live the national press event, after which the big reveal as the doors swung open displaying a host of exhibits for employees to finally learn the secrets of their new flagship product. Employees could now engage directly with the product and interact with installations promoting key features. These added a viral element we wanted through photo opportunities shared on various social channels using the #lifeatsky handle.

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Above: Two employees pose for a photo opportunity inside the 'Pixel Perfect' cube installation (left), employees enter the launch experience through the digital doors (right)
Above: Selection of user interface and game screens for The Hundred.
Above: Draft iterations for a homepage developed in consultation with the client.
Top: Example of how Hi-Vis green text directed messaging inward, and how participation could help reduce workloads.
Bottom: Digital assets for screensavers and billboards across the Met Police estates.
Above: Set of poster designs for the initial campaign launch.

In tandem with the physical launch at Osterley, a digital launch ensured coverage across all Sky satellite sites. In addition, an Intranet takeover including a live stream, product launch videos, and infographics meant that those not at HQ still got to feel part of the action.

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Above: Interface designs taken from the mobile version of the innovation center.
Above: Sky's Intranet digital takeover including home-screen (right) and Infographic (left and top-right).
Above: Character illustration and cut scenes designed for the Lions Tour game.
Top: Final desktop homepage, (below) comparison between old and new site.
Bottom: Onboarding pop-up overlay introducing users to new features available on @work.

Completing this project required an outstanding team effort from the many collaborators working on it. However, it will not go unrewarded, having made the "Best single campaign" shortlist at the 2022 IoIC awards.

Above: Evolution of the original @work logo to a newer refined version.
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Above: CMS interface for authors, editors, and innovation managers to review and collate data.
Above: (top) Super Squads game interface. (Below) Email signatures with designs inspired by retro uniforms for each WSL club.
Above: Hi-definition wire flow for administration function to monitor and extract user content.
Above: Process flow for generating employee specific content for future campaign messaging.
Above: Giveaway items to promote the relaunch of @work.